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I realize now that I don’t need to train harder, I need to train smarter. Rebecca taught me to focus on what I do well and make that even better. I now face competition with excited energy rather just hoping I do well.


Your Rise Mentors

Rebecca Soni

Rebecca Soni, also known as ‘Reb’ is an olymic medalist and former world record holder. She has a B.S. in Communications, a certificate in Positive Psychology, and is also a certified Health Coach.

When Reb isn’t busy guiding athletes to greatness one of her favorite things to do is cook and experiment in the kitchen with plant based foods. Yes, there is such thing as a plant based cookie, don’t worry! She is also an ocean swimmer, avid adventurer, and most importantly…a doggy momma to two pups. Give Reb a beach, her pups and a swim suit…she will be smiling for days.

Rebecca Soni


Caroline Burckle, olympic medalist and lover any any everything healthy, has a Masters of Science in Sports Psychology & Motor Behavior from the University of Tennessee. Wondering where she gets her sense of inspiring style? Well, she also has an Associate of Arts in Merchandise Product Development from Fashion Institute of Design & Development.

In addition to her work here at RISE Caroline is also the creator of Stilwellness Peak Performance Coaching. She is a certified Health Coach, Yogi extraordinaire, lifter, runner and lover of all things active. Bring her some tea…she’ll love you forever.

Caroline Burckle

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