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Announcing the Newest Lineup of Mentors, starting Sept 2017!

Breeja Larson

Breeja is a 2012 Olympic Medalist who started swimming competitively at the age of 17.  She learned her hard work ethic from an elderly woman she worked with at Subway, her “Subway Grandma” was a relentless coworker who did not accept failure. Breeja applied that same hard work ethic and mentality to get a spot on the Texas A&M Women’s Swim team.  While in college she became an NCAA 18x All American and 3x NCAA Champion and has been part of Team USA attending the 2012 Olympic Games, 2013 and 2015 World Championships, and 2014 Pan Pacific Games.  She graduated Texas A&M University with a Bachelor of Science in Psychology and Masters in Sports Management.  

Now Breeja lives in Arizona and is still training as a professional swimmer with the 2020 Olympic Games in mind. Outside of the pool Breeja spends a lot of time going on nature adventures with her dog and spending more time with family.  She is very passionate about empowering and instilling confidence in women of all ages,especially younger girls.  She enjoys mentoring younger athletes around her especially through swim clinics across the country.

Breeja Larson

Elizabeth Beisel

Elizabeth Beisel is a 3-time Olympian and 2-time Olympic medalist. She has been on the national team since she was 13, and was the captain of the 2016 US Olympic Team in Rio. She graduated from the University of Florida in 2014 with a degree in Telecommunications. 

When Elizabeth isn’t competing in the pool or sports reporting for her local NBC station, she can be found traveling anywhere in the world. She has lived the past year out of a suitcase – flying wherever she wanted to in that moment. The ocean, Whole Foods, and laughing are a few things she can’t live without. If you can’t see Elizabeth, you can probably hear her coming due to her insanely loud (but contagious) laugh. Her goal in life is to spread positivity and promote confidence and self-worth in everyone she comes across. 

Elizabeth Beisel

Kami Craig

With two gold and one silver Olympic medal to her name, U.S. Women’s Water Polo player Kami Craig delivers an inspiring message of possibility and positivity. By allowing failure to serve as a roadmap to success, Kami has overcome learning disabilities and the stigmas attached to them to achieve her dreams and perform at levels beyond what others had expected of her. With 26 years of participating in athletics and 13 years competing on the U.S. Women’s Water Polo team, Kami has a world of experience to draw from in her quest to guide and support young athletes.

Kami looks forward to sharing the tools and practices that helped create her competitive mindset, work ethic, commitment, and motivation. Though dominant as a competitor and athlete, Kami has a charisma and relatability that allows her to connect with individuals of all walks of life. She is engaging, optimistic and compassionate toward others, and you will find working with Kami to be comfortable and enjoyable.

Kami Craig

Adam Mania

Adam is a 2-time US National Champion, 2004 Olympian for Poland, and previous US Open Record Holder. Adam has spent the better half of the last decade as an elite swim coach at the Walter Schroeder Aquatic Center in Milwaukee, WI. Known for his holistic training methods, Adam believes that when you combine physical training with mindfulness and purpose, you can fully realize your potential. Adam loves cooking, playing the drums and accordion, writing, and runs swim lessons and clinics in his spare time.

Adam currently lives in New York City as a writer in hopes that his TV show dreams will one day come true.

Adam Mania

Kathleen Hersey

Kathleen Hersey is a two-time Olympic athlete and healthy & active living enthusiast! She has a B.S. in Public Relations, which, she explains, is the writing major for communications majors, with a business foundations certificate from the University of Texas at Austin. Kathleen has a 200-hour yoga teacher certification and is working toward her 500-hour certification through psychology-informed, mindfulness trainings.

In addition to her love for helping people to reach their potential, she has a heart for the work she gets to do in her wonderful community at the foundation for a not for profit hospital in Asheville, NC. She loves tea, great coffee, healthy & delicious recipes (gluten and dairy free, of course!), writing, hip hop dance classes (oh, the humility!) running, swimming, taking and teaching yoga classes and all things outdoors. She has a salt lamp and at least 3 plants in her office at all times. #ComeCuriousLeaveInspired

Kathleen Hersey

Betsey Armstrong

Considered one of the greatest water polo goalkeepers of all time, Betsey Armstrong is a 2012 Olympic Champion and 2008 Olympic Silver medalist as well as a two-time FINA World Champion with Team USA. One of the few players to hail from outside of the state of California, Betsey grew up and attended college in Michigan, where she was a four-time All-American and All-Academic conference player at the University of Michigan. Teamwork and collaboration are two of Betsey’s passions. She truly believes we get better both by working together and holding space for one another in pursuit of our goals–individual or shared.

When Betsey isn’t coaching or mentoring she is practicing and teaching yoga, training for marathons, racing triathlons, hiking, swimming, traveling but mostly chasing her toddler Frankie around the Hudson River Valley in Upstate New York.

Betsey Armstrong

Jean Basson

Jean Basson is a two-time Olympian representing South Africa. He was a four-time NCAA champion while representing the University of Arizona where he graduated with a B.S. in finance. He is currently living in Philadelphia where he works as a Senior Investment Analyst at Vanguard.

When Jean isn’t working or mentoring incredible youth athletes, you will find him at the golf course working on that pesky slice. He also loves to stay in shape with frequent visits to the gym (bring on the stair stepper), spin class, and the occasional casual 1000yard swim. His favorite time of the year is December when he gets to avoid the east coast winter and travel to South Africa to spend time with his parents. Jean’s motto in the morning is “no coffee no workee” but any other time he goes by a simple rule, “never give up!

Jean Basson

Ian Crocker

Ian Crocker had a prolific swimming career spanning the better part of a decade.  After winning his first gold medal and setting a world record at the 2000 Sydney Olympics at only 18 years old, Ian started school at the University of Texas. He is one of the only swimmers in history to win the 100 butterfly at NCAA’s all 4 years of college. Internationally, Ian was Michael Phelps’ greatest rival and Ian held the world record in the 100m fly for 6 years! 

Ian won a gold medal at all 3 Olympics he competed in and has set numerous World Records (7) and American Records. He received many awards throughout his career, including the Golden Goggles award for Swim of the Year in 2005. Although a fierce competitor, it’s Ian’s compassionate coaching style that he is using to inspire the next generation of swimmers to achieve at the highest levels of the sport and life.

Ian Crocker

Kim Vandenberg

Kim Vandenberg is an Olympic Swimming Bronze Medalist, Pan American Games Gold Medalist, and World Championship Silver Medalist. Kim has traveled the world for the past decade training, racing and teaching swim clinics to International schools all over Europe, Asia and within the United State, and has developed a greater awareness to alternative training methods and mindsets for elite athletes. Her experiences have given her a unique perspective in the sport of swimming.

Kim currently lives in Brooklyn, New York and is a Lifestyle Editor for Excelle Sports.

Kim Vandenberg


Caroline Burckle, Olympic Medalist and lover of any and everything healthy, has a Masters of Science in Sports Psychology & Motor Behavior from the University of Tennessee. Wondering where she gets her sense of inspiring style? Well, she also has an Associate of Arts in Merchandise Product Development from Fashion Institute of Design & Development.

In addition to her work here at RISE Caroline is also the creator of her own Personal Development Coaching Business.She is a certified Health Coach, yogi, swimmer, lifter, runner and lover of all things active. Bring her some tea…she’ll love you forever.

Caroline Burckle

RISE Mentor

RISE Mentors are all Olympians who portray the values of RISE in their lives and in their athletic careers. They are positive, mindful, and enthusiastic. Sound like youjQuery112408656288284001199_1499884742789

Bridget Sloan

Bridget Sloan is a 2008 Olympic Silver medalist, 2009 World Champion, 3x NCAA Team Champion and 6x NCAA Individual Champion. She is a 2x Honda Award Winner and 31x All-American. She graduated from the University of Florida in 2016 with a degree in Telecommunications. She currently works for the SEC Network as an gymnastics analyst.

When Bridget isn’t talking gymnastics and mentoring athletes, she is out getting her fitness on, playing with her nephew, and shopping. Bridget loves to be active and there is nothing like a new pair of leggings and tennis shoes to break in. One of her goals is to complete a full marathon!

Bridget Sloan

Heather Petri

Heather Petri, better known to her teammates as “Petie”, is a 4-time Olympian + medalist and 3-time World Champion in the sport of water polo. Having fallen in love with her sport by playing on the boys team in high school, she has seen every facet of life in sport; from having played collegiately at the University of California, Berkeley where she studied Marine Science (Writing a thesis in the Caribbean sounds like a good plan for someone who thinks she is a mermaid!) and beyond to professional international play and the honor the of representing our country at the Olympics – she values over 20 years years of experiences with her teammates and coaches as moments of growth to be our best selves in sport and life. She now spends her time selling bathings suits (she has spent most of her life in them!) and supporting the water polo team at her alma mater as a Volunteer Coach.

Also passionate about coffee, cooking, travel and fighting cancer through aquatic adventures with Swim Across America, she (most importantly) thinks flip flops are the best form of footwear.

Let’s #bebettertogether !

Heather Petri

Kate Ziegler

Kate is a 4-time World Champion, two-time Olympian, and former World Record Holder.  She has a B.S. in Communication and is currently attending University of Tennessee’s Haslam College of Business in pursuit of her MBA.

When she isn’t studying and mentoring athletes, she loves hiking in the beautiful Smokey Mountains, experimenting in the kitchen with produce from Knoxville’s Market Square farmers market, and trying new activities.  From pilates and yoga to kickboxing and cycling, Kate loves being active. She is also an avid world traveler, reader, and tea drinker.

Kate Ziegler

Kristy Kowal

Kristy Kowal, silver medalist in the 2000 Sydney Olympics, is an ever shining ball of energy. Her smile and positivity is contagious and she can immediately befriend anyone and everyone. She’s got enough World Championship Medals, American and World Records, and holds the honor of being the first woman to break the one minute barrier in the 100 yard breaststroke.

A UGA Graduate with a stunning NCAA career, Kristy may have left the pool racing behind but is an affectionate water lover nonetheless. Kristy regularly competes in countless events around the world, from Swam Across America (16 times!!) to ­­­swims to fight diabetes through fitness, as well as swims benefiting important organizations on the local and national level.

Kristy is also a passionate teacher, spreading her fun and positive vibes to the lucky 2nd graders of Pennsylvania.

Kristy Kowal

Rebecca Soni

Rebecca Soni, also known as ‘Reb’ is an Olympic Medalist and former World Record Holder. She has a B.S. in Communications, a certificate in Positive Psychology, and is also a certified Health Coach.

When Reb isn’t busy guiding athletes to greatness one of her favorite things to do is cook and experiment in the kitchen with plant based foods. Yes, there is such thing as plant-based cookies, don’t worry! She is also an ocean swimmer, avid adventurer, and most importantly…a doggy momma to two pups. Give Reb a beach, her pups and a swim suit…she will be smiling for days.

Rebecca Soni

A Mindfulness Mentoring Team

RISE Elite is a unique program that connects Olympians with Athletes through individualized mentoring.

Our Olympian mentors use a positive-psychology based approach where they provide athletes with three essential tools to champion sport and life:

Mindfulness, Focus, and Empowerment.

Let’s Do This!

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If I may be frank, she ADORES what you have to say, values your time, honors your homework assignments, and LOVES how you make her feel. She even designated a drawer space in her desk for you. YOU are helping Xylia be a better person, we are so thankful for YOU!!!

Cereana Parent February 9, 2016

So … WHY train the mind?

If you’ve ever thought:

I work incredibly hard in practice, and I take the time to set goals… but I feel stuck. Training my mind will help fill what’s missing.

I want to gain confidence and improve my self-esteem by having a World-Class Mentor alongside me!

I feel so much pressure and expectations, from myself and from others. I know it is possible to work through this… I need someone to show me how.

We are here for YOU.
We will take YOU to the next level in both sport and life.

RISE Elite >>
Individual Mentoring Program

4 Months of Weekly Calls with your Mind Mentor
SEASON 1 – in progress
Season 2 – Starts May 2017

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Weekly, online video Mind-Diving Sessions
30 minutes that is all YOURS. Let’s take you to the next level!

Customized mind-training plan
We create your program to be EXACTLY what you need.

Individual Support Worksheets and email-accountability with your mentor in between-sessions!


Email Questions
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Progress feedback from coach
Monthly individualized feedback on your athlete

Group Q&A Parent Call
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    Once you’re matched with a mentor, you’ll set up your sessions. Each week, you have a 30-minute Skype meeting with your mentor.

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    $350/month for 4 months.

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    A personal accountability partner to reinforce positive habits, help you overcome obstacles, an celebrate successes.

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    Who doesn’t love to see #progress? Athletes in our program continue to to achieve victories in their respective sports, get into prestigious colleges on scholarships, win school awards, team titles, placement improvements, time drops, scoring all-time highs and BEST of all, personal fulfillment and identity creation.

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